Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All in a Day's Work

I finally managed to get outside and somehow juggle baby, puppy and planting.
The seeds have been sown, but I admit, it was done rather haphazardly as I ran around the yard trying to make sure my 1 year old didn't crack his head open. The dog provided a nice soundtrack for it all. It went something like this.. "woof woof woof" "bark bark bark" as he jumped, jumped, jumped. I have way too many plants to fit in my little section of the yard, so I am going to plant some of them in my neighbors yards over the next few days as they have donated land to my cause.

Tomato plant:
Pepper plant:

So, the question remains. Will I actually see any vegetables? More importantly, will I be able to eat them? This photo also includes the newly painted fence! What a tedious job that was...

To be continued...

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