Monday, March 29, 2010


I took a peek, although I was not expecting any results for a couple more weeks. Low and behold, I discovered the tomatoes are coming up.

No sign of any jalapeƱos, but I'm sure they'll be popping up soon.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Looking Ahead

It'll be a few weeks before my indoor seeds do anything, if all goes according to plan. Until then, I'd like to offer an intermission show of what will be planted outdoors when the time comes.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Secret of Landscaping

First, I offer some background information. If I had been thinking ahead I would of taken "before" and "after" pictures. Here's after:

A glimpse of what came out of the ground:

My dog, Cody, really helped a lot during all this. You know, all the chasing, wrapping his leash around your legs and just generally getting under foot.

My first landscaping experience. I think it went rather well. For anyone that asks, I am indeed going for that old, worn, "what the ____ happened here?" look.

Those bricks came with the yard when we bought the house. They have probably been eroding for atleast a decade or two. Maybe three! Who's to say?

I think it's coming along very nice! There's only so much you can do on a budget of zero during peak baby nap hours. I was going to hose the bricks down for the picture but really, I didn't think it'd make much of a difference.. and then there's the fact that we don't have a hose, yet...

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On The First Day

In this first container, the first six squares from the left are jalapeno peppers, the rest: tomatoes. I have no idea about gardening -- none whatsoever. All I know is that I tore up a whole lotta weeds and even some weird kinda baby trees in a spot in my yard. I turned the soil (learned that from my Dad) and away I went. I started these seeds indoors this evening.

The second container is all peppers. The rest of my seeds get started outdoors "after danger of frost." (meep!)

Well, hopefully my seeds do something or else this might be a very short blog.

I also have a replacement rose bush for the one I evicted from the yard.