Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Secret of Landscaping

First, I offer some background information. If I had been thinking ahead I would of taken "before" and "after" pictures. Here's after:

A glimpse of what came out of the ground:

My dog, Cody, really helped a lot during all this. You know, all the chasing, wrapping his leash around your legs and just generally getting under foot.

My first landscaping experience. I think it went rather well. For anyone that asks, I am indeed going for that old, worn, "what the ____ happened here?" look.

Those bricks came with the yard when we bought the house. They have probably been eroding for atleast a decade or two. Maybe three! Who's to say?

I think it's coming along very nice! There's only so much you can do on a budget of zero during peak baby nap hours. I was going to hose the bricks down for the picture but really, I didn't think it'd make much of a difference.. and then there's the fact that we don't have a hose, yet...

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